Frequently Asked Questions

How much does PDO Threads Training cost?

We offer two different types of training for PDO Threads : Private Training and GroupTraining.
A PDO Threads Private Training costs $5,000.
A PDO Threads Group Training costs $1,690.

Do you offer trainings in every state?

Private Trainings take place at the trainee’s location and could be anywhere in the U.S.
Group Trainings take place in Brooklyn, Chicago, Hawaii, Houston, Jacksonville, Manhattan, Miami, Phoenix and Los Angeles.

Do you offer international trainings?

AIAM started offering training in Canada, and Asia as of 2018 and plans to expand to Europe and the Middle East in 2019.

Do you provide models for trainings?

AIAM does not provide models for trainings. Participants are expected to bring their own.

How many people can participate in the training session?

Private Trainings accommodate up to 3 participants.
Group Trainings accommodate up to 8 participants.

Can I observe the training and if so, is there a cost to do so?

Yes, you can attend the training as an observer, but it would cost you $250.
Also, we do not provide any certificates for observers.