1.0 Cancellations and refunds
All refunds are subject to incur a 3.5% processing fee on the total amount originally charged.

1.1 Cancellations made by you AT LEAST fourteen (14) calendar days before your Training date:

1.1.1 You have the right to cancel your enrollment to a Training at any time, as long as it is at least fourteen days before your Training date. You will receive a full refund of the price paid for the Training minus a 3.5% processing fee on the total.

1.1.2 If you choose to purchase and join a Training that is due to commence within 14 days of purchase, you will waive cancellation and refund rights in respect of the purchase.

1.1.3 Once the Training has taken place or been completed, you do not have a right to cancel or refund, even if you do not attend.

1.1.4 To cancel a contract please inform us by sending an email to hello@aiamtrainings.com.

1.1.5 Online trainings are not refundable.

1.2 Cancellations made by you within fourteen (14) calendar days of Course date:

1.2.1 If you choose to purchase and join a Training that is due to commence within 14 days of purchase, you will waive cancellation and refund rights in respect of the purchase.

1.2.2 If you cancel your enrollment in a Training at any time within fourteen days of the Training date, you will not be entitled to a refund, unless exceptional circumstances are considered, at the discretion of the AIAM. In such a circumstance, a refund will be provided with an applicable Administration Fee of 5% & a Logistics Fee of 25%. (These fees will be levied prior to the applicable refund amount.)

1.2.3 In exceptional circumstances you may be able to transfer your enrollment to a different Training, or substitute a different Student onto the same Training, run by the AIAM, subject to a 5% administration fees. Under circumstances where a transfer is applicable, AIAM will only allow 1 transfer request. You will have a period of 3 months to reschedule the training course. Training fees already paid can be transferred to the new Training, and any outstanding balance must be paid in full before the delegate can be registered in the new Training. No refund will be given if the cost of the new Training is less than the cost of the original Training.

1.2.4 To cancel a contract within fourteen days of your Training date or to transfer or substitute someone else, please inform us by email to the Training administrator or to hello@aiamtrainings.com explaining your reason for requesting the cancellation, details of the Training you are cancelling and your booking reference.

1.3 Training Cancellation by AIAM:

1.3.1 We will make all reasonable efforts to deliver the Training as outlined on the website and in any brochure. However, we reserve the right to:

Make reasonable adjustment to the timetable, location or presenters specified for a Training; and
Make reasonable amendments to the content and syllabus of a Training when necessary.

1.3.2 If the minimum of 3 registered attendees per Training has not been met up to 5 business days prior to any specific Training date we reserve the right to cancel that Training by giving you notice in writing. We will refund all registration fees paid by you and will endeavor to offer a transfer to another Training as an alternative, subject to payment or refund of any difference in purchase price. In no event shall you be entitled to a refund from AIAM for any flight or hotel booking fees charged to you as a result of us cancelling.

1.3.3 AIAM’s maximum liability will be limited to a refund of received fees for the cancelled Training. AIAM will not accept liability for any costs or losses incurred by Students or organizations which are claimed to have arisen through Training cancellation, other than for those stated here. You are strongly advised to take out insurance against cancellation of any Training if your travel costs are likely to be substantial.