Neethi Masur, RN

Neethi Masur RN is an aesthetic nurse with experience injecting in Los Angeles and New York. Neethi grew up in Southern California with a passion for the beauty industry. Neethi is a trainer for the American Institute of Aesthetic Medicine (AIAM), a renowned aesthetic training organization with one of the longest tenures in the aesthetic training market. She was the first national AIAM trainer in the United States. Neethi trains on a wide variety of aesthetic devices and products. But she specializes in Dermasculpt (Cannula technique for fillers), CosmoPen (Microneedling), Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF), and Novathreads training. Neethi is a great advocate of PDO Threads provided by NovaThreads. She was one of the first providers to receive the original batch of Novathreads that came to the US, then involved herself with the research and developmental stage of the threads. She’s mastered the PDO Threads technique (with NovaThreads) and now conducts training across the US, for doctors who would like to train on how to inject the product. Neethi is always up to date with new technologies even researching the efficacy of them. This year she completed a study comparing Twist threads vs platelet-rich fibrin on lip candidates. Neethi has celebrity clients and VIP patients who travel to her for natural-looking results using specialized techniques.