Scott R. Sanderson, MD

Dr. Sanderson attended University of Washington School of Medicine then completed his residency in Emergency Medicine in Tacoma, WA. After this, he was in the Army for 4 years as a flight surgeon and as an emergency medicine physician. Dr. Sanderson has been a trainer for many emergency medicine courses including PALS, ACLS, ATLS, AWLS as well as ultrasound training for providers. He has been an adjunct professor with the John A. Burns School of Medicine since 2014. He initially trained in aesthetic medicine and opened his practice 6 years ago. Dr. Sanderson loves aesthetic medicine because it is all about improving quality of life by helping people look and feel their best. He loves the creative nature of aesthetic medicine and especially loves the challenges presented by each patient’s individual needs. He has been using PDO threads for the past 2 years and has loved the results. Handing the patient the mirror after you have done a great thread lift and seeing their amazement never gets old. Dr. Sanderson lives in Hawaii with his wife and 3 of his 4 children. He has one granddaughter who describes him spontaneously as her favorite grandpa. He enjoys diving, free diving, spearfishing, kayaking, paddle boarding, trail running and just playing on the beach with his kids.